ADAS MAP software integrates with CCC, DriveSafe, and CoPilot, to provide VIN-specific ADAS calibration identification and OE service information, optimizing estimate accuracy, streamlining repair planning, and justifying reimbursements.Ā 

How Does ADAS MAP Work?


How Will IVS ADAS MAP™ Help My Business?

  • One Single Place to Access ADAS and Calibration Information, Knowledge and Repair Procedures!
  • Identify ADAS Systems, Components, Calibration Requirements, Repair Procedures and More in SECONDS!
  • Dramatically Reduce ADAS Repair and Calibration Research Time & Effort
  • Improve Your Organization’s ADAS Knowledge & Expertise
  • Improve Appraisal and Repair Plan Accuracy
  • Improve Customer Interaction and ADAS education
  • Reduce Supplements
  • Improve Employee and Business Productivity
  • Improve Cycle Times and Repair Quality
  • Improve ADAS Repair and Calibration Documentation
  • Reduce Liability

Automated ADAS and Calibration Report Pushed to Estimator, Repair Planner, Calibration Providers and Others and the CCCOne Attachments File 

Are You Ready to...

  • Reduce Research Time...

  • Optimize Estimate/RO AccuracyĀ 

  • Streamline Your Repair Planning ProcessĀ 

  • Justify Reimbursements

  • Improve Your Company's ADAS and Calibration Knowledge...

  • Increase ADAS and Calibration Sales...

  • ImproveĀ ADAS and Calibration Documentation...

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